Good Data, Better Presentation: telling stories with your data

A meaningful dashboard clearly depicts volume, trends, and relationships, provoking action as a result. This is, after all, the very point of web analytics. However, by taking a more narrative approach to their creation—with characters and relationships, context and conclusions—dashboards can be made richer, more communicative, and more actionable than they commonly are.  More ‣ 

Why type matters

Fonts grow on trees and everyone with a computer is a designer, right? Which means they all know about type, of course.

Well, not quite. Typography is a language, with its own grammar and syntax. And as with any language, fluency comes with in-depth study and regular practice, making communication as fluid and efficient as possible. And as communications channels both proliferate and converge, command of the language is a vital component in creating the most functional and efficient vehicles for communication. Type matters – read on and find out why.  More ‣ 

Just my type: Platelet

Proofs from early development of Platelet

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I designed a typeface called Platelet. Having been Internationally schooled (ie. how to be dexterous with just one or two of the classics, most notably Univers), it was my first experience of creating letterforms, and there’s no denying that it was a naïve effort in many ways. Notwithstanding that however, the nice people at Emigre took enough of an interest to put it on the market (in July 1994), and the rest, as they say, is history.  More ‣