Productive, creative, or captive?

The horror, the horror: one day, you look down at your Dock (coz, like, you’re using a Mac of course) and see that you’ve got the entire Microsoft Office suite running, but none of the Creative Suite. Yup, you’ve kept your head down, kept your nose clean, and done your time – and have now officially become a manager. Your gleaming MacBook Pro is doing nothing more than a corporate drone’s Dull flaptop.  More ‣ 

Not so smooth

Close-up of ClearType-smoothed text

Discussions of web typography are usually about the frustrating inconsistencies and paucity of decent fonts likely to be available on a user’s machine. But when a client recently made a very sobering comment concerning cross-platform display, I got a rather rude reminder of how easily it is to forget more fundamental issues. Namely, anti-aliasing (or ‘smoothing’ in Microsoft-speak).  More ‣